December 2016 STM

Michelle Hudson is an amazing teacher at Parkview Elementary School. She organizes and runs the after school program, talent show, summer camp and annual showcase night. Michelle is a peer mentor for two of our new teachers, which means she guides and coaches them throughout their first year of teaching..making sure they receive resources, help with lesson planning and classroom management and help with understanding expectations of school and district administration. Michelle will help new teachers problem solve a variety of teaching, learning, and parent communication issues. Also, she's just a very nice, caring person who models excellence in teaching and collaborating. Michelle loves to learn and volunteers to serve on district committees related to math. Michelle in collaboration with teachers at Thompson Ranch Elementary has established the "Simplifying IT" team on our campus which involves training Parkview students to be technology troubleshooters for our teachers. There's more, Michelle, through the 21st Century after school program has purchased the first 3D printer for our school and established a "makerspace" class which involves students sketching visuals of their own creative idea and then using the 3D printer to actually create prototypes of their ideas.

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