March 2017 STM

Our PTSA "T" can only be described as "Terrific"! Miriam Schantz-Marion is a Reading Specialist at our school, a caring mother/wife and a Super PTSA volunteer. Miriam's professional life has her working one on one and with small groups of struggling students in her beautiful classroom. Her creativity shines in her room as every inch is beautifully decorated to insure her students have a great place to learn. Lovely bulletin boards, shelves and tiny student seats she made herself from crates are there. 

Our school is a Title 1 school and Mrs. Schantz-Marion helps to full Title 1 requirements in many ways. She actively works to put together Title 1 events such as Story Night, Math Night, Literacy Week and K Parent Night. With education funding tight, Miriam has worked to get outside resources for the school. She single handedly obtained a Literacy Grant from the Pinkerton Foundation which brought a live play to our students, magazines, books, and more. She contacted Nova Homes and got surprise staff appreciation money and she traveled to get books from the Phoenix Library BookStorm program. Miriam also helped write the grant application to try to secure a Resource Obcer for next school year. Miriam is the type of person who has gone out of her way to collect prom dresses for girls in need asking staff and friends to help. Mrs. Schantz-Marion is always sending e-mails to staff about Summer Reading programs for children, getting students into Summer school, PTSA reminders or volunteer appreciation. But, she is the one who should be appreciated. Miriam not only does her school job but is also the PTSA Secretary. You can Qnd her working the register at the book fairs, serving food at our breakfasts, doing carnival tasks, printing minutes/reports and diers, maintaining our bulletin boards and cheering on our students, staff, parents and volunteers. Miriam Schantz-Marion is an extraordinary PTSA volunteer.

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