December STM

Congratulations to our December Super Teacher of the Month, Ms. Peggy Pitts! She has worked for Tumbleweed Elementary School for many years (ahem-35+ years that is!), and her dedication has never wavered. She not only shows up to almost every single PTA meeting, but she participates, makes excellent suggestions and is our go-to teacher when we need a teacher's opinion or input. She helps us relay important information to the rest of the teachers and staff who are not able to attend the meetings. She is constantly there to support our students, and help our school grow and change for the better on a regular basis. Not only does she come to the meetings, but she actively participates and volunteers her time for events as well. One of my children has had her as a teacher, and it was a pleasure to watch my daughter grow and learn thanks to the guidance of Ms Pitts. I truly hope that she will still be there so that my two younger children get the opportunity to learn from her as well. Without teachers like Peggy Pitts, we would not be where we are today. Thank you Peggy for all of your hard work and dedication to our future. 

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