March STM

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Arizona PTA is thrilled to congratulate Scott Libby PTA's Peggy Whiting as our March Super Teacher of the Month! Mrs. Whiting will be receiving $100 and all nominees will be put into the pool for consideration as an Arizona PTA Super Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Whiting is a fun, energetic teacher who encourages our students to challenge themselves. She has been teaching at Scott Libby Elementary for her entire career, 30 years. She is currently part of the multigae program which brings 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students ts together in one classroom for learning.

Her responsibilities are numerous because of her desire to keep helping children and their parents. She is in charge of our Accelerator Reader program where she goes above and beyond to make sure new tests are added so our students want to keep reading. She also works hard to engage reading at our school by celebrating the 1 million words club. Each student gets a shirt, certificate and to go above, she and her husband make custom dog tags for each of the students that reaches this lofty goal.

She is also the teacher representative for our PTA Board and comes to our monthly meeting in the evening to be sure she not only shares with us what our teachers are looking for but to pass our message and priorities back to them. She is the best example of balancing both groups I have ever been a part of.

Beyond her normal projects and because she has grown passionate readers she was recently approached by some 3rd grade students who wanted to start a book club at school for all grades. She listened, asked probing questions and set up a meeting with the principal to make this happen on her own time. She never took over and really engaged the students to make their vision come to life. The club was a much more well received then many of us thought it would be and brought together over 20 students a week to talk about their passion for books. She has also started an after school math tutoring time for students that need extra help two times a week. She has been a great example of kindness and generosity for those students and their siblings. She tries to make parents lives easier by keeping their siblings to so mom/dad only have to come up to school once for pick up. It seems like an easy thing but she also provides prizes and snacks for everyone that attend from her own pocket, those extra kids add up quickly.

Mrs. Whiting is what we all want for our own children, compassion, caring, and individual recognition to help them be successful.

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