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     Our Super Teacher is a fantastic, enthusiastic teacher and a long time volunteer with the Eagle Ridge PTSA. Mrs. Teubner is currently serving as 1st Vice President for our PTSA and recently served three terms as PTSA President. She has given tremendously, making heroic efforts for our school and organization. This super busy woman has incredible energy and a terrific heart. She proves daily that she is a Super Teacher.

   Her life inside school is busy as she works everyday as a Special Education teacher in our Communication Disorders program. She guides her special needs students with a steady hand and great enthusiasm. Mrs. Teubner is a caring teacher who works often with her students in small classroom groups, checking on their progress and moving them forward. Her relationship with the two para-educators assigned to her classroom is remarkable. They are now not just employees but truly friends. The three of them surely have some of the best outfits during School Spirit weeks. Mrs. Teubner’s job as a teacher is not an easy one, she’s kept busy with all the extra special education paperwork, IEPs and parent meetings, but handles it all with a smile.

     Mrs. Teubner serves as the school’s Student Council Advisor. She arrives early to school for very early morning Student Council meetings. She can be spotted selling Student Council “Happy Grams” at morning tables or bottles of water to fundraise during events. Mr. Teubner has worked to make an enjoyable and fair Student Council election process.  She welcomes all students, gets their election posters approved and much more. She has guided the Student Council children throughout the year, encouraging them to do community projects such as their recent Pet Food Drive which helped out a local animal shelter.

    Mrs. Teubner can be spotted zooming all over town in her PTSA t-shirt at PTSA events such as Peter Piper Night, Zupa’s Night, Story Night, and the Carnival. She can be seen skating on Family Skate Nights, events that she has personally arranged for our students. She has also personally taken on the task of getting a Fun Run going at our school, which is a healthy way for our students to fundraise. Mrs. Teubner has been up very, very, early for our Free Family Breakfasts and has been late at school in the evening for Spaghetti Night, etc. She’s got her lunch time covered with Book Fairs and whatever else needs tending.

    Outside of school she is quite busy as well. Mrs Teubner has been volunteering regularly at her daughter’s performing arts school, working weekend recitals and more. Being a Super Mom is her other Superhero identity.           

    Mrs. Teubner deserves a pat on the back for all that she has done, continues to do and will do in the future for our community as well as the families, staff and students of our school. She is a special lady and truly a Super Teacher.

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