October Super Teacher

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Congratulations Ms. Laura Moore of Quartzite School, our October Super Teacher!

"Ms. Moore starts her day by getting ready her brother who is mentally disabled, whom she cares for him by herself. Once she gets him to a day provider she goes straight to the school to drive a van for our special needs children whom have difficulty riding a bus. This at times can be overwhelming for teachers and aids to get to the school but Ms. Moore does it with a smile. Then off she goes to teach her 1st graders with inter active teaching. Most of these students come from homes that are on wheels the kind most people use for recreational as camping trips. Family's that may have adults and children I've seen up to 7 people living because they can not afford permanent housing. Ms. Moore makes sure not one of these children go without supplies. Last week our PTA had a squencher sale she made sure every child had out of her own pocket. After school she helps with driving the van once again. You would think it would be the end of the day for her but no! She goes and picks up her brother then goes back to the school to prepare for her class the next day. " ~Quartzsite PTA

Congratulations Ms. Moore! You certainly are a Super Teacher who puts the T in the PTA at Quartzsite School! Ms. Moore will receive $100 from Arizona PTA! Nominations for the November Super Teacher are due to office@azpta.org by 5PM November 27, 2015. Tell us in 500 words or less about your amazing teacher, the creative ways they engage students, the community, and parents! Include a photo! All nominees will be placed into the running to be the Arizona PTA Educator of the Year and $1000 at the Arizona PTA State Convention in June 10-11! 

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