September Super Teacher

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The Arizona PTA is pleased to announce that the first recipient of its Super Teacher of the Month Award is Ms. Anna Hernando of Moon Mountain School.  Ms. Hernando, 4th grade teacher, was nominated by the entire Moon Mountain PTSA board AND both principals for her inspirational dedication to serving the students, families and staff at Moon Mountain Elementary School.

In the classroom, Ms. Hernando creates engaging lessons that integrate writing with science and social studies. Students can be seen learning together- discussing their ideas and working cooperatively to solve problems. Students also research topics and create projects for events such as the fourth grade Greek and Roman Gods and Goddess Fair. At this event, Ms. Hernando can be found in her Greek garb encouraging the students as they are presenting their information to friends and family. 

 Outside of the school day, Ms. Hernando coaches multiple sports including cross-country, boys' basketball and girls' basketball. Any student willing to strap on their running shoes before school is welcome to join Ms. Hernando for conditioning. During the cross-country meets, Ms. Hernando has been known to run alongside a struggling participant to provide encouragement, support and motivation!

Finally, Ms. Hernando definitely puts the "T" in Moon Mountain's PTSA. As a teacher representative last year, she attended every meeting and virtually every event hosted by PTSA. Ms. Hernando could be found manning a booth at the fall fling, working the snack bar at family movie night and handing out Hulk Punch at the Family Super Hero Dance. 

Congratulations to Ms. Anna Hernando on being Arizona PTA's Super Teacher of the Month! We are so proud to have a "T" like you in our PTA family! 

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