Mandatory Officer Training

With the adoption of the Unified Local Unit Bylaws by a unanimous vote at the Arizona PTA State Convention in June 2015, board training is mandatory for all officers in the position of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Training is to be completed by September 30 by all officers in those positions either via attendance at the State PTA Convention’s leadership workshops, summer leadership training , or via eLearning courses sponsored by Arizona PTA listed at the end of this page. 

**Effective May 2017—if utilizing e-Learning as your method for training, only those courses offered by Arizona PTA are accepted. We do not accept National PTA’s eLearning Courses as evidence of being training to meet the Arizona PTA requirement.**

Your PTA is considered out of compliance and not in good standing until all officers have completed training by September 30. If you have new officers join your board mid-year, they must complete training within 45 days of their election. You may also opt to have an in-person training with your Region Director as well and arrangements should be made for such training. 

If your PTA chooses to not complete training, your PTA will be considered on suspended status and will not be eligible for State or National PTA awards, incentives, grants or program participation like Reflections until the training is completed for the current board. Failure to maintain the continued standards of affiliation for an extended period of time could result in dissoultion for your PTA. We would like all of our PTAs to be eligible for these great benefits of memberships so please take the time, whether you are a new officer of have been on the board for multiple years, to complete training. 

Please contact your Region Director or Arizona PTA at if you have any additional questions. 

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