AZ Merit Workshops

Can you imagine? 

What if: every American child had access to clear, consistent K-12 academic standards?

What if: no matter where you lived, or what your economic status was, or how many times you moved during your child’s school years, he or she had access to the same educational standards as his or her peers in a different school? 

What if: parents knew what to expect and teachers knew what to teach?

The quality of a state's education system is a key factor in a business' decision on where to remain or where to locate. Companies look to locate in states and communities that can supply an educated workforce and provide a quality education to their employee's children. The implementation of high quality standards and the AZ Merit assessment is an important step in ensuring that Arizona is able to compete not only with other states, but with countries around the world.

Arizona PTA believes that the quality of the education students receive in Arizona should not be dependent on one's zip code. All students should be held to the same clear,  high quality standards.

In an effort to reach as many parents, families and communities Arizona PTA has information initiatives workshops.

Partners include

For information on Arizona PTA's initiative topics that support high quality standards and AZ Merit assessments for K-12 contact:

Paula Purkhiser, President or

Anne Gabriellini, Vice-President @ or

both via office phone  602-279-1811.

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